Punished Brats Spanking Videos

Adriana Evans gets a humiliating diaper position spanking from her mother! Adriana wanted to talk to her mother about ending the humiliating punishment of wearing “little girl” clothes. She said she learned her behavior needed to change. Her mother objected that she had not yet fully learned her lesson and declined to end her punishment early. Adriana threw a major child-like tantrum. She was lying on the floor screaming and flailing about. Her mother quickly grabbed a change of clothes that horrified young Adriana. Suddenly bratty Adriana was stripped of her sailor suit and frilly red panties and was placed in a baby shirt. Then, she was forced to a lie on the bed. Adriana panicked when she became aware that her mother intended to diaper her. “I’m not wearing a diaper!” she cried. Her mother was prepared for the resistance, lifting Adriana’s legs and spanking her in this vulnerable position with a leather paddle. Adriana’s tears soon flowed from the humiliation and pain as she received a humiliating diaper position spanking on her bare bottom!

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