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Sexy redhead penthouse playmate Veronica Ricci gets an otk hand spanking on her bare bottom! In this ff spanking scene from Veronica’s bare bottom gets spanked hard with bare hand by female nurse. Veronica is sent to see the nurse and get tested but the nurse behaves rather strangely. She takes Veronica’s temperature anally. Then she begins administering a hard otk hand spanking applied directly to Veronica’s bare bottom! The nurse lectures her changing her ways. She even grabs a very large paddle and proceeds to paddle her beautiful round ass. Finally, Veronica has had enough. She begins to fight back. She gets Nurse Asphyxia over her knee and teaches her just how tough callgirls can be! Both of Veronica and Nurse Asphyxia leave the doctor’s office with very red and very sore bottoms!

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